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Over the past 8 years The Financial Management Centre has established a niche within the small medium sized enterprise (SME) market where many traditional accountancy firms and many unqualified bookkeepers are unable to deliver the required level and range of bookkeeping and financial management services that is expected by clients.

According to 2015 Government statistics:

  • There are around 5.4 million businesses in the UK
  • Over 99% of businesses in the UK are small or medium sized (SMEs)
  • 5.1 million are micro-businesses (employing 0-9 employees) 
  • There were 351,000 new business 'births' and 246,000 business 'deaths' in 2015
  • Since 2000 the number of businesses in the UK has increased year on year by an average of 3%, with 1.9 million more at the end of 2015
  • There are 1,028 businesses per 10,000 residents in the UK 


Issues commonly faced by SME business owners

Here are a few:

  • Lack of management information by the time a business owner receives their year-end accounts, the information could be 20+ months out of date from the first month of the accounts. This gives business owners a distinct lack of financial awareness of their business, which could affect the grounds upon which important business decisions are made
  • Cash flow issues were rated a main barrier to growth
  • Not being up to date with changes in legislation and red tape - sometimes even industry specific requirements like the CIS (Construction Industry Scheme).
  • Debt management


We have developed a portfolio of services that are aimed at meeting the needs of small-to-medium sized business owners and solving the above issues, as well as many more problems faced.

We provide a range of services all aimed at helping business owners. We also have a selection of services that are delivered by a group of third party providers which enables you to facilitate a complete one-stop solution to your client base.

Our services are aimed at strengthening cash flow, providing better financial transparency and more in-depth management information allowing business owners to become more profitable through a better understanding of various factors that influence their business.

Being trained in our systems and processes will allow you to deliver a uniquely designed and engineered customer experience which makes you stand out as a professional and to generate referrals allowing you to benefit from a fast growing business and in the long term obtain a higher than average fee within your local marketplace.

Your role and what we look for

We at The Financial Management Centre are totally committed to a partnership with talented and exceptional parties who are seeking to develop or create a highly professional and customer orientated bookkeeping and accounting business. We are passionate about outstanding service delivery and going beyond the expectations of our clients so we can deliver on our brand values.

Each office is led by a qualified accountant or bookkeeper, typically ACA, ACCA, AAT and CIMA with a mix of practice and industry experience.  However non-qualified franchisees can still join the network provided they have suitably qualified staff.

In order to operate as a TFMC franchisee you will need a practicing certificate. If you are qualified and don’t hold a practicing certificate you should contact the institute to which you belong to confirm their requirements.

The following factors are considered vital when we look for possible franchisees:

  • Technical ability
  • Customer orientation
  • Drive to succeed and deliver beyond customer expectations
  • Commercial awareness
  • Business experience  
  • Communication skills

The Financial Management Centre is dedicated to equality of opportunity, regardless of ethnic origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

This recruitment process involves both parties discussing confidential information and should not be considered an employment opportunity or a selling process.


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