Why Choose Us


We have a unique pricing structure and brand strategy which enables you to charge a premium fee for your service. This is due to the service being branded, professional, respected and designed to add value to your customer's business. This is a major advantage, allowing you to potentially earn higher annual revenue than if you were an independent bookkeeper.

As a franchisee of The Financial Management Centre, you have the potential to add to your current bookkeeping/accountancy business, or start up a new one, the success of which is dependent upon your own personal situation and efforts.

Your success will obviously depend on your own hard work and commitment, local market circumstances and general economic conditions. Neither The Financial Management Centre nor any of its directors, employees, professional advisers or associates makes any representations, warranties or guarantees as to the reasonableness or accuracy of the financial information provided, nor any of the assumptions used.



Franchise Fee

This is a one-off fee which funds the franchise package, gives you the necessary training and provides you with a launch.  This grants you the right to operate as a franchisee for 5 years and is renewable for further periods of 5 years, at no additional cost.

N.B - We have arranged a specialist franchise finance package with NatWest bank and other retail banks to help franchisees raise a business loan, if required.

Management Service Fee (10%)

This royalty fee is paid on all gross sales as a result of operating as a franchisee, there is a minimum monthly fee of £200
Continuous rights to use your unique brand identity The Financial Management Centre and its services.

Marketing levy 2%

There is a minimum contribution of £50 per month – this fee is also paid on all gross sales. The levy is used for centralised marketing activities.


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