Kass Verjee

Kass Verjee joined The Financial Management Centre in 2010 and runs the combined Farnborough and Farnham office, Kass is a qualified Chartered Accountant with a practising Certificate. 

“I am sometimes asked why I joined an organisation that was primarily a bookkeeping organisation, and does it work for me.  The answer is absolutely yes.  I have the opportunity to provide for some clients a “one stop shop” and make a real difference to my client’s businesses and their lives.  I do believe that some of those opportunities might never have come had I not started as The Bookkeeper.

It is said, the best thing about being in business for yourself is that there is no one to tell you what to do, and the worst thing about being in business is that there is no one to tell you what to do.  In today’s world it is so easy to overcome this problem and that is to become a franchisee.  This is, of course, provided you choose the most appropriate franchise for you.  The most suitable organisation for me is one that gives you balance.  I wanted a Franchise that was receptive to ideas, one that knows me as a person, and an organisation that supported me all the way.  The Financial Management Centre ticked all the boxes for me.  

Going into business for oneself is scary.  Initially one worries about how one will find clients, how one will market the business, and what will give prospective clients the confidence and faith to go with you.

The Financial Management Centre has a record of success, and the biggest advantage to me was that as a new franchisee I shared in that success immediately.  There will be no waiting to find out whether you can make a success, or not, on your own.  It is a strong brand and that has value in the eyes of the clients you are trying to attract.

I had no idea of how to market my business or where to start.  They were so helpful that I had my first client before I had even signed an agreement.  However, I should stress that by joining a franchise one is not buying a pension and if your expectations are that all your clients will come on a plate and you won’t have to work at it, than you need to think again.  I would ask anyone thinking of joining The Financial Management Centre to remember that you are buying a business and its success will depend on the work and effort that you put in, or want to put in.  At the same time by joining you will have an incredible support system.  As a concrete example, look at our website, and ask yourself, could you have that face to the world if you were on your own.  Even if the answer is yes, question how much time and what monetary costs would be involved.

I, personally, with my hand on my heart, can say that I am excited about The Financial Management Centre now, as the day I joined.  This is all due to the motivation, assistance, support and encouragement that I am constantly being given by the Franchisor.”