Changrez Khan

Changes to the oil industry led to Changrez Khan taking voluntary redundancy. Making the decision to return to the UK, for the benefit of his, and his family’s futures, he discovered a golden opportunity with The Financial Management Centre.

Changrez Khan’s career began when he started working in the oil industry, most notably for BP in UAE. However, the crash of oil in 2015, meant there were fewer senior level opportunities for Changrez in the Oil Industry. “I opted for a golden-handshake from BP. I’d simultaneously been developing a restaurant business in Dubai and felt this was the right time to come out of a 9-5 job, and focus more on the catering industry. My son was looking at university options at the time. So, as a family, we decided it would be best all round to move to the UK.”

Initially, due to his experience in running restaurants, Changrez was looking at coffee shop franchises. However, a Google search took his path in a new direction when he was introduced to The Financial Management Centre (TFMC), who was one of the first franchises to respond to his enquiries, “The main thing for me, was to discover what I could do with my qualifications and experience. When I came across TFMC, I could tell they were not a complicated business, and I would most likely make progress with them,” he explains. “The independence, combined with the opportunity for development, attracted me.”


The Financial Management Centre is a franchise for qualified accountants, offering them the security to build their own accountancy business. They have developed a successful business model you can easily replicate, focused on providing essential financial services to small to medium enterprises (SME). As a result, business owners are committed to delivering outstanding results, to the highest-standard. With the support of the TFMC network, who are also committed to supporting each other, you will gain exclusive business partners and advisors for the best practice of your new business.


In 2017, Changrez took the step to make the investment, and became the owner and director of TFMC Southend-on-Sea. As a Senior Financial Management professional, with over 25 years of progressive experience, he has a deep knowledge of accounting and finance. So, his TFMC business has allowed him to combine the strength of his world-class education and professional qualifications, with the training and support TFMC deliver.


The training TFMC provided was thorough, “It turned out to be slightly different to what I was expecting,” Changrez explains. “TFMC like to ensure you know about the whole spectrum of running your new business. The freedom is still there for you to choose which direction you will take your own business in. They give you the tools, and the freedom to discover how you want to build your business. They provide you with the choice of software and systems, identifying what you agree will work best for you and your business.”


TFMC franchisees are highly-qualified and experienced accountancy professionals from a variety of practice and industry backgrounds and are as passionate about the Client relationship as they are about attention to detail. Having freed themselves from the frustrations and career limitations of working within an accountancy practice, they are now enjoying taking control of their futures.

Changrez has developed a strategy which allows him to balance his TFMC franchise, businesses in Dubai, with spending time with his family. He also ensures he has time for himself, to maintain his happiness and health, “Choosing to run my own business, means I can spend more time at home with my three children. I spend two days a week focused on my TFMC Southend business, two days a week on the Dubai restaurants, one day for myself, and two days for being with family. On the days when I relax alone, I may visit Southend beach, or take a boat out, to just switch off, and relax.”

Changrez wanted to ensure his new business could accommodate the plans he had from the outset, to grow the business and his team. Rather than choosing to work from home, as many others within the network have done, he has opened a practice and brought in staff. “I have hired two highly-qualified people to work for me: a Practice Manager and a Deputy Manager,” he explains. “The office space we rent is currently bigger than I needed, as I have plans to grow the business. We have space for six others to join the team. I had the foresight to create an opportunity for future developments.”

If you are ready to develop your perfect work/life balance with us, let’s talk. Please visit our website, and book a call. One of our franchise team will be in touch, to talk through your opportunity with The Financial Management Centre.