Brian Johnstone

Brian Johnstone established the Crawley franchise of The Financial Management Centre in 2012 and in November 2014 took over the Horsham franchise. 

For three years previous to joining the network, Brian had worked solely for a large retailer in their finance department but found that he missed the variety of working with different clients as he had done for 24 years of his career with accountancy firms. Brian had enjoyed working on numerous client accounts, meeting new people, working with business owners and advising on their finances and decided he wanted to get back to doing what he enjoyed.

On exploring several options Brian came across The Financial Management Centre network and attended an open day in November 2011. He joined the network shortly after in early 2012 to set up in Crawley.

“I have found the support and use of a trusted brand has helped me open doors and give me access to resources that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I have found the business partners of the network very useful as they have also passed me a number of leads but also enable me to offer added value to my clients.

It’s great to be able to pool ideas with other franchisees and to collectively share costs for things such as local marketing.”