Bookkeeping Franchise

Many bookkeepers have the long-term dream of running their own business. Being your own boss is a prospect many strive to reach, and for experienced bookkeepers this can become a reality sooner than later. At the Financial Management Centre, we offer bookkeeping franchises in various locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Why a Bookkeeping Franchise? Why not start my own Bookkeeping Company from scratch?

Starting your own bookkeeping company, either alone or as a franchise, can be lucrative. Building a company from the ground up might be quite rewarding, but the chances of succeeding can be considerably lower compared to using a franchise model. There is no existing customer base and there is no help available from experienced professionals. In the accounting and bookkeeping sector, word of mouth and personal recommendations are still the main sources of attracting clientele, you could struggle to initially build a client base. Compared to owning a bookkeeping franchise; you’re buying a ready-made company, with all the added benefits of main franchise such as, existing marketing strategies, existing client base, recognised brand name, proven business model and support from the franchise and other franchisors. The other bookkeeping franchise owners, within the chosen franchise, can create an experienced support network that can provide help and assistance if required. You have the freedom of being your own boss, without the pressure of the extra responsibilities that come with owning your own company.

Is a bookkeeping franchise for me?

Are you a bookkeeper that has ambitions of starting your own company but you’re unsure if you want to start a bookkeeping business from the ground up or would benefit from a bookkeeping franchise? It is imperative that significant research is carried out before choosing to start a bookkeeping franchise.

The main difference between the two approaches is that, as a bookkeeping franchise, you might have slightly less freedom to run the business the way you want, rather than owning your own company and making all the decisions. If you are entrepreneurial, hardworking and dedicated and have no problem working together with the main franchisor, you should consider The Financial Management Centre as a good option to start your own bookkeeping franchise.

If you would like to enquire about a franchise with The Financial Management Centre then please call us on 0345 862 1078 or complete our contact form here. Alternatively why not check to see if your area is available in our available areas section of this website.