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BFA Chairman's Charity Funday

Having a strong network and head office is an essential part of a franchise. As a strong franchise TFMC understands the importance of a healthy work / life balance. We regularly hold events for all our offices which helps contribute to our successful partnerships; this year we supported the British Franchise Association’s (BFA) Chairman Charity Fun Day. This is an annual event organised by the BFA, which has a new look format for 2017. The new format consisted of 'It’s A Knock-Out’ style games in the morning and Go Kart Relay Racing in the afternoon. The TFMC team consisted of both staff and associates - all of whom displayed a very competitive attitude.

Fun was had by all who attended and our TFMC team achieved a hard earned 2nd place on the day - beaten only by 1 Lap on the final karting event!

Stuart Masters (Managing Director of TFMC) Said: ''Having attended the BFA Chairman’s Charity Fun Day I can’t recommend it highly enough to franchise professionals and franchise businesses. We invited franchisees, strategic partners and clients, and had the opportunity to discuss business at a totally different level, whilst having fun. Relationships are stronger, and partnerships are firmer..... who would have thought that could happen whilst bouncing around on a giant sausage, or dressing up as a penguin!?! It was also a great opportunity to network with fellow franchise professionals across varying sectors, whilst discussing pit-stop strategy.... fantastic! Congratulations and thanks to Trevor and those at the BFA who organised a great day!”

The format at the It’s A Knock-Out event, ran professionally by the team at, included a variety of events including Fei Fi! Fo! Fail!, Bangor’s & Crash, Slippery Summit, Hats On, Penguin Pursuit and Medieval Madness. Take a look at some of our photos from the day, below, and if you are thinking of getting involved next year then we would highly recommend it!

Nathan Sermon (TFMC Franchise Support & Recruitment Manager) added: “The BFA Fun Day was extremely well organised and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even if a little worn out after the physicality of the morning activities. The event was well attended and it was great to network with some like-minded businesses. After reviewing our team performance, we are aiming to better ourselves and come 1st next year! Well done to all, and I look forward to meeting more franchise businesses next year”

It was great to see so many event sponsors, including;

  • NIC Service Group
  • Molly Maid
  • BTA Companion
  • The Franchising Centre
  • Push
  • Hamilton Pratt

Many thanks to the BFA and we shall see you next year!

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