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Martin Beckenham

Martin Beckenham is approaching five years of trading and runs The Financial Management Centre’s offices covering Sittingbourne and Herne Bay and Ashford and Maidstone. 


Martin has over 35 years of experience in the Finance and Administration sector, firstly in the Oil Industry and more recently as Head of Statutory Government body.  He has a wide range of experience in all aspects of business and the issues facing small and medium-sized businesses. When Martin was made redundant, he decided to seek his next challenge. The problem was, many of his potential employers deemed him to be too well qualified for the jobs he was going for and he struggled to find a job he felt would suit him and his qualifications.

As Martin continued his search for a new job, he found TFMC website and realised the potential behind joining an already established national network of accountants whilst still retaining his independence. After attending one of our discovery days, Martin took the plunge and invested in his local franchise. 


 “Although I have always been involved in finance, it's always been within the framework of a larger company. Working for myself meant I would have to look for my own customers, but The Financial Management Centre provided a lot of help starting the enterprise off including comprehensive training and operations manuals.  As my company has grown it has enabled me to take on additional staff, which in turn helps the local economy.”

“Being part of a franchise means you get a flying start with the business. You are buying into a known brand that is already established. You don't have to build something from the ground up, which why so many start-up companies fail in their first few years of conception,' said Martin. 'They have the problem of making enough money to survive whilst looking for new customers all the time. It's a question of manpower in many instances. With The Financial Management Centre, you are supplied with contacts as part of the franchise. It means you already have one foot on the ladder to making it a success.”

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