Are you an accountant or bookkeeper, who wants to become their own boss? There are many experienced accountants who have been in the same boat as you. You start to wonder if doing it by yourself is the most feasible option for the future. If you are entrepreneurial it could be a good idea to start your own business.

Before making the decision, you should research every accountancy business opportunity possible. Starting your own accountancy business is not simple, and many new businesses lack security and fail within the first 12 months. A viable accountancy business opportunity is a franchise that allows you to run your own business but without the insecurities of doing it alone. The Financial Management Centre can offer you a brilliant franchise package.

A Franchise as an Accountancy Business Opportunity: You Can Have it Both Ways

Owning a franchise, is like having your cake and eating it. You will have help and support whilst having the freedom of managing your own company! For many people who want to become their own boss but have no experience in marketing or sales, a Franchise is the best possible accountancy business opportunity.

Franchising is typified by a well-known proverb, ”You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself”. At The Financial Management Centre we offer great accountancy business opportunities and full backing from the head office in case you need support where possible. We also offer extra services like training, marketing materials, website and we also encourage dialogue between franchisees to support each other. The entire franchise is one big support network.

Accountancy Business Opportunities: An Established Reputation

In the accounting business, a proven method of attracting clientele is relying on a reputation in the business and word-of-mouth communication. If you have no existing reputation, it will be hard to attract top clients. Luckily The Financial Management Centre has a reputation that precedes us. With many branches throughout the United Kingdom and a solid recognisable brand name, your accounting business opportunity has a potential client base before you start trading! Once you have successfully finalized the process of starting the franchise, you’re ready to go!

Are you interested in a franchise as an accountancy business opportunity? Visit this page for more information on prices and services or call us on 0345 862 1078.